Cannabis, Heroin and Cocaine Regions

The most profitable market for these three is the West, even though the drugs are mainly cultivated in Africa, Asia and South America. Cannabis-products (hash and marihuana made of hemp) found in Finland mainly come from Morocco, which is the biggest hemp grower in the world. Hemp is cultivated in a number of places around the world, and in China, for instance, it grows wild.

Cocaine and its cheaper variant, crack, are produced from coca bush which is cultivated mainly in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. According to the Finnish police, cocaine is not widely available in Finland despite its longtime status in the US as a trendy drug for the rich and famous. The Finnish yellow press, however, has implied that cocaine is increasingly used in the Finnish elite circles too. The price of cocaine in Finland is also significantly lower than it used to be.

Besides opium, heroin and morphine are produced from opium poppy, which is mainly cultivated in both the “Golden Crescent” (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran) and the “Golden Triangle” (Burma, Laos, Thailand), as well as to some extent in at least Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. Russia and the former Soviet republics are more involved in the transport of drugs instead of cultivation.

Organized crime is responsible for shipping drugs to Finland, mainly via St. Petersburg, Russia (heroin), and Spain (cannabis, cocaine).